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Like I said “if you you a short, chunky, blonde hair and blue eyed guy then say hi since he was my old debate partner” and I used that since my friend is blonde and blue eyed too but really skinny and like 6’3”

And now my debate partner isn’t texting me back and I feel bad it wasn’t even meant as an insult it was a description wow this is such a shitty day

I'm a white heterosexual male. I've done no wrong to you, and try to be the best person I can be. Do you dislike me because of my skin color, gender identity, sex, or sexuality? And if so, why?

Why do white people always leave me messages like this

, #Anon
"token white friend" lol your racism is hilarious

Yeah my imaginary reverse racism is super top-notch

, #Anon

I swear policy debaters are all connected somehow cause I’ve met 4 different ones since I got to college (excluding the ones I’ve seem in tournaments) and we all know someone who somehow knows each other and it’s weird and cool but bad if the debater is an asshole and I’m perpetually surrounded by white male debaters

, #policy debate #okay like Jim's ex debate partner was debate partners with my ex debate partner #and my mayo debate friend is friends with jim's boss and the guy who he replaced #and it know Andrew from jim and Andrew knows T from me

Celebs are so worried about doing or saying something controversial that won’t *help* their career so they end up staying in the sidelines when it comes to conflict, but the good thing about this is that millions of his fans saw this tweet and will want to learn more. It gets people to want to engage and become more aware of what goes on in the world and that’s being a role model and good influence.

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, #palestine #tbh I don't even know the rest of 1d except for him and Harry #but this is like when cristiano didn't trade jerseys with Israel

I woke up with a fever and a bad dream that was me basically missing my chem final and having to beg my professor to let me take it over, bombing it, and him changing my grade cause he liked me

I’m so glad I woke up before things got asked

, #I was supposed to study LSAT with a friend today and he called #and I lost my voice and sounded 80 years old #he was already at the park and didn't make me feel bad for being a flake #and wants to bring me soup #these friends don't deserve me as a friend I am so shitty jfc

It’s become obvious when I’m not important in someone’s life and I’m really done trying to fix things when people don’t reciprocate or care enough to work things out. Avoidance isn’t a solution and I’m a very blunt person so I can’t pretend like things are all okay when they’re obviously not. I’m angry, disappointed, sad, and hurt, but it’s all for nothing because they don’t care at all.

I’m far from perfect but I try to be the best kind of friend I could be to people I care about. I don’t care for a lot, but when I do I hope they feel the same way.

Apparently not.

I can totally picture you and Leah, both lawyers, teaming up to fight the patriarchy and help the oppressed. Please do this.



oh my god this is so cute hell yeah we will
politicalsexkitten look

I like and support this idea fully.

Omg yes pls
Also amanda will be in LA soon so more fem bonding together

, #amanda #I'm so excited!!!

Studying for the LSAT

Me: so where do you want to study? Library or your place?

T: The park

Me: Why though that’s outdoors

T: You need a tan. I’m white and I’m whiter than you. You’re not getting two D’s so might as well try to get the vitamin one

, #he stole my joke #goodbye