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In case you’re having a bad day…here are some puppies sleeping with stuffed animals.

(Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. A note on the first puppy: At 5-1/2 weeks old, Daisy was mauled by a larger dog. As a result of that attack, she lost an eye, hence the stitches. Daisy is now 6 months old and doing well!)

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  • poc scientist: births the scientific method
  • bwoc scientist: gives us a paramount understanding of black hole jets
  • poc scientist: discovers arsenic
  • poc scientist: gives birth to electroweak theory
  • bwoc scientist: builds a cheap and safe water filtration system from urine
  • poc scientist: cures the whole world of everything ever
  • white science nerd: and here's my 1,280th post about richard feynman, isn't he great? charles darwin any one?
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why are college and university textbooks so expensive, i could have bought four dogs instead of the textbooks i bought for this semester. and thats just sad. because now i’m broke, i have readings to do, and i don’t have four dogs. 

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White people will use one black/ person of color who says 

  • Cultural appropriation isn’t a thing
  • black face isn’t racist
  • the N-word is just a word
  • etc

and expect you to just accept it.

Use one white person out of millions as an example of racism and they won’t shut up about how “Not ALL white people…blah blah blah”.

because “not ALL” only applies to the majority.

see: whites, men, heteros, etc


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a simplified guide to sexualities

  • homosexual: sexually attracted to homer simpson
  • pansexual: gets off to various kitchen utensils
  • asexual: gets turned on by the first letter of the latin alphabet
  • demisexual: sexually attracted to you if and only if your blood is half divine
  • bisexual: can only have sex with two people ever. choose wisely
  • heterosexual: can only be satisfied by macklemore
Not attacking you, but please consider that b/c you're not insterested in women romantically, you're never going to be discriminated&hated against like women in lesbian relationships are. You're pretty much an ally who has sex/wants to w/ girls

Haha you hear that guys?! I’m straight again! Bisexuality doesn’t exist! HAHAHAHAHA THANK YOU FOR CLARIFYING THAT AND ERASING MY SEXUAL IDENTITY HAHAHAHHAHA

, #Anon #bisexual erasure #I can't believe I'm actually dealing with this shit now